April 25, 2013

You Are My Fault.

Not so good at keeping this thing alive but that's what happens when you're constantly held down and forcefully fucked until you're bled dry by nature. The clutches of winter are finally coming loose and we have once again emerged in better standings than when we entered. The record is done. All of the pressing/printing/shipping is done and now it is just a matter of getting onto the Forward Records online store and pick up a copy or hold out for another 2 weeks and pick one up from us at any of the upcoming shows we've got lined up.

May 4th @ Borg Ward (Milwaukee, WI)
Burial (DE) (Deranged)
Protestant (WI) (Halo of Flies)
Sick/Tired (IL)
Much Worse
Sacrificial Massacre (WI)

May 25th @ House of Lard
Shaved Women (STL)
Much Worse

We're heading to the east and southeast coasts in August. Ira from Stripmines will be drumming for us. Here's the tentative lineup, if your city is on here, start lacing your shoes up now and put on your best tie. (I might need some help in a few of these cities too so if you're down to help [and actually read this somehow] hit me up.)

   August 22nd        Minneapolis           MN
August 23rd Milwaukee WI
August 24th Chicago IL
August 25th Detroit MI
August 26th Cleveland / Columbus OH
August 27th Pittsburgh PA
August 28th Philadelphia PA
August 29th Baltimore MD
August 30th Washington DC
August 31st Richmond VA
September 1st Raleigh NC
September 2nd Charlotte NC
September 3rd Atlanta GA
September 4th Nashville TN
September 5th Indianapolis IN
September 6th St Louis MO
September 7th Kansas City MO
September 8th Omaha NE
September 9th Des Moines IA
September 10th Minneapolis MN

January 22, 2013

January Fest


  We've been doing like a "string" of shows this last month (including opening for The Dwarves) and will be playing a Thrilling Punk/Hardcore fest with tons of local Minneapolis bands this Saturday 01/26/2012.

  Also you can expect some new Tunes off our new record to be surfacing soon.




December 12, 2012

To Move: Forward.

We are releasing our first full length record through our friends Forward Records in the near future.  Mastering to be done by Brad Boatright of AUDIOSIEGE SONIC ENGINEERING. Artwork by the disturbed Dave Watt, a man I am convinced is the reason the rest of us are visited by extraterrestrials. The record shall forever be known as the "Macrocosm Is A Wash" LP and will feature twelve tracks you'll have to endure over 25 minutes. Expect the unexpected. Or don't.

The future is uncertain but know this: I will see you next year, even if the rest of the world does not.

Forever yours,

November 10, 2012

2012 This this shit just won't end

Ok jerks and non-jerks, because we are wrapping up the the mixing on our new music, and have no biography or history of our band at all and everybody else seems to take their bands seriously, I figured I'd drop a few cents on the Much Worse chain of events:
      So we are some real inept, lazy, distracted dudes, but as it turns out, these characteristics actually make for pretty good punk rock records. You see patience is really the key, man. Gotta keep one foot in the grave, continually. Not just for a few months, but like years on end. The real trick is just to outlast all the other fools. We've been some sort of band all of like 6 years pretty much, so its kind of weird to think we are only now completing a real full-length type of record that takes more than 15 minutes to listen to.

   Initially we were just trying to be a "studio" kind of band. Like all those black metal bands in Europe.  But, because not even punks know how to play their own genre of music a lot of the time, people really started to ask us to perform, which we did- to great acclaim in the way of meaningless violence, slack jawed wonderment and drunken bemusement. 
    Basically in 2010 our first 7" "Proper Execute" was recorded and accurately portrayed a feeling of impending doom and fiscal futility. A most immediate expression of Midwest paranoia and bombastic alienation that helped make us a lot of friends and get to open for bands that are way good. Like GRIDE. and PLF. and PAINT IT BLACK. and DILLINGER FOUR. Plus like way more that are not quite as memorable as goddamn GRIDE and shit. We toured the Midwest and East coast that summer.
    After after having my skull peeled back from the year 2010, we were expected to churn out another record of intense inner-damnation and tight as a whip Italian/Japanese HC emulation. In 2011 we recorded the "Absolute Nightmare" 7" put out on No Way records. Considering 2 out of the 5 songs were older than any of the songs on the first 7", we did not expect any of the reaction that it received. Being called the "Best record of 2011 so far" in the MRR review, we already expected to be shunned, resented and called generic by jealous ponx, but such is the nature of hyperbole and exaggeration. We toured with Brain Tumors through the Midwest and East coast that summer as well, which you can read on their blog which is more entertaining than ours.
  I should probably comment on the formation of Brain Tumors because MRR can't even write a review of one of their records without mentioning us.
      Basically Minneapolis is a really small, big city and if you go to punk shows here for even a month or two you'll have met like most of them. Then when people like Joel Gomez of Brain Tumors move here Raleigh, NC with their knowledge and enthusiasm for obscure Hardcore it can cause an all out Distort the Twin Cities effect. They are also real old and ugly, while we are mostly young and good looking so we've had pretty sweet lives in comparison. This must have made them mad enough to start a more entertaining punk band. We are all friends tho, as is everyone in Minneapolis.
   So anyways, we have a bunch of songs that we will be releasing somehow relatively soon hopefully. We are poor so it might take a while.
   Thanks for nothing,

May 30, 2012

At the Entry.

 Hey. We're opening up for Ceremony and White Lung at the 7th St. Entry on June 19th. It's an early All Ages matinee. Bring your kids and impressionable teenagers.

April 23, 2012

More than half done recording the full length at this point. Looking forward to getting things wrapped up within a few weeks.  Come check this show out on June 15th.



April 11, 2012

So we haven't been making many attempts at directing interest due to inactivity and constructing long due new record, (which we're about to finish), we are however glad to announce this outrageous hardcore blowout gig event:

5/21/2012 @triple rock
8pm/ $12/ 18+


March 24, 2012

Hold on to the mania of luck

 Hey so we've got all the drums and all the rhythm guitars finished on the record but ran into a minor setback as an integral piece of equipment called it quits on mastermind engineer Matt last week. Not to worry as it affords us a couple weeks to make the guitar solos and bass shredding all the more shredding, as well as insure lyrics aren't too stupid and that sort of thing.
 Besides it's now summertime in MN already and sitting in basements mixing and tracking music seems kind of wrong.   

Only gigs confirmed right now:
June 3rd @ the Medusa

February 29, 2012

Reach is exceeding grasp

  We started recording for our LP this week and the drums are moving along smoothly. Sounds crisp and fresh as shit. Of course it's too early to say anything about it, but you can expect more spine bending Japanese hardcore worship and various sonic surprises that none of you pukes could think of yourselves.

  Considering we put out records somewhat slowly and have probably lost much of our miniscule amount of national punk rock interest during our incubation periods. And with newer, exciting Minneapolis punk bands being formed regularly, my perspective on my own relevance has shifted. In general blogging about band shit seems boring as hell to me, but it's become apparent that we have a shitty "internet presence", and that I'd like to slightly improve this by increasing the amount of communication we make to you delusional general populaces you.

  Guess we'll start with our plans for 2012.
Finish recording our LP like our afterlives depended on it.
Get sick artwork for the cover. (Sick artists get at us if interested)
Get sick record label to release it.
Create my own label to press our present discography onto CD ("the only appropriate instance hardcore is acceptable on said format")
Book tour for the month of August. (Get at us if your town would like to be included, might as well be proactive about it.)

  That's really about it for now, we'll have a new record out real soon, just in time for the apocalypse. Take a valium and be patient or something.

October 25, 2011

With Winter Approaching

Expect the typical reaction of the onset of winter... isolation. Few and far between will be the shows we play. Sweat and blood will be shed at A Harder Commune Studio once again and what comes of it will alter the future as we know it.

No sense of keeping an ear to the ground for anything. You will know when it is time.

August 18, 2011

A Culmination Of Efforts

We will be leaving sometime on Tuesday the 23rd for our tour with Brain Tumors. Everything has worked out, albeit a lot of last-minute circumstances, and we are confirmed for all shows besides Sept. 2nd, which may or may not happen in Carbondale.

Check these dates:

8/31 - ASHEVILLE, NC [@ TBA] [POX / TBA]

July 12, 2011

Attention To Detail

Upon viewing this site for the first time in a few months I realized I am terrible at keeping it up to date. That being said there has been little to no news regarding Much Worse. 

There will be probably two shows in July, one of which is tomorrow at The Beat Coffeehouse with Heartsounds, Arms Aloft and Dingus(?) starting around 6PM or so. The other... I don't remember... so it potentially does not exist. Stay tuned for more nothing until the tour dates (venues, bands, times, costs, etc..) are confirmed. Expect new merch and (hopefully) some sort of repressing to be available on tour.

We Tour Again...

We are going to head East again this year with our ugly cousins Brain Tumors. Dan "Shithead" Johnson will be playing drums in both bands so expect disgusting incestuous idiocy in your city. Come with low expectations and leave amazed. Please write down your city's tour date on your hand with a Sharpie now and don't wash it until we get there.

8/22 - Minneapolis, MN 
8/23 - Chicago, IL 
8/24 - Columbus, OH 
8/25 - Pittsburgh, PA 
8/26 - New York, NY 
8/27 - Philadelphia, PA 
8/28 - Washington D.C. 
8/29 - Richmond, VA 
8/30 - Raleigh, NC 
8/31 - Asheville/Charlotte, NC 
9/1 - Nashville, TN 
9/2 - St. Louis, MO

February 18, 2011

Out Of Step Radio Performance

Last year we played on Out of Step radio (Radio K) and due to some technical issues at the station none of us in the band ever actually heard it (we actually did hear it, however it was playing at just a little over 3/4 speed... which sounded like some awful dirty drunk punk) . Well, Steven managed to find it at the station somehow so go have a listen.

Download it here.

February 8, 2011

The Year After Last

Triple Rock with Paint It Black, Arms Aloft and Dillinger Four was a great show to be a part of. Show was awesome start to finish. Tons of energy and the place was packed. Good to see a lot of people out.

Absolute Nightmare will be available Feb. 15th from the No Way website. We'll have some copies of both clear and black at some point in the near future. Brandon even has pre-order available... convenient. Nice guy. Two shows coming up:

-February 21st @ Triple Rock (Extreme Noise Show) w/ Condominium & ???
-February 27th @ Cause (Why?) w/ Brain Tumors & They Live

This should be sufficient information for some time. Probably a show in April?

December 7, 2010

Can't Bullshit A Bullshitter

Mastering is complete for the next record "Absolute Nightmare" which will be released by No Way Records. Keeping a low profile throughout the winter season. We will emerge sometime after the new year for some shows I'm sure.

October 24, 2010

News Of Late...

NO WAY FEST 4 has been cancelled and rescheduled to June 2011.

New 7-inch recording is complete, applying some final touches before sending it off for mastering.

We are no longer playing November 1st with Hjertestop but will instead be playing their November 20th show in Minneapolis, the last date on their US tour. 

October 7, 2010

These Are The Voices...

Keep an eye out for a tape comp from NOT NORMAL TAPES featuring "CARRY ON IN THE FACE OF SHIT" to surface sometime (hopefully) before the end of the year. Great international tape featuring Intifada (Chicago, IL), Ultratombados (Chicago, IL), Libyans (Boston, MA), Raw Nerve (Northwest Indiana), Timebombs (Brea, CA), Rayos X (Los Angeles, CA), Positive Noise (Grand Rapids, MI), Vital Error (Indianapolis, IN), The State (Ann Arbor, MI), UX Vileheads (Sweden), Destino Final (Spain) and Smart Cops (Italy). 

September 26, 2010

Looking Forwards

Will be awesome.

Recording tracks for a new 7-inch in October. 

November 12th @ No Way Fest 4 in Richmond, VA


Nice review from Matt Average in Razorcake 58.

"These guys have somewhat raised the bar for what I've come to expect from present day hardcore bands. They have a Japanese '80s hardcore influence, but are definitely from the Midwest. The music is fast, heavy, raw and burly-- all the ingredients you need in pursuit of what makes a quality hardcore band. The lyrics are sometimes strange (check out "Mudbrain"), but never dull, nor derivative. "Need New Sights" has a great mid-'80s style breakdown to offset the manic thrash that makes up the majority of the tune. The songs are often on the fast side, but they use tempo changes to accentuate the power. Certainly a band to get excited about. Pass Judgement only pressed 300 of the first edition up, but fret not, the repress should be out by the time you read this. -M.Avrg" 

Review of Proper Execute 7" in the latest MRR. Thanks to xYosefx for his review and we appreciate the ambiguous nature of it. This offers us more understanding towards the reception of playing an imported sound.

"Wow. This is some serious Japanese hardcore worship here. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Everything is absolutely dead-on: the song writing,  the guitar tone, the drums, even the vocals. At times, in fact, the vocals are a little to dead on: it's a little unsettling hearing some guy named Max from Minneapolis doing his best GAUZE  impression on the mic. This is a good record, but can't imagine I'll ever go back and give it a spin when I can listen to LIP CREAM or CHICKEN BOWELS instead, or even NINE SHOCKS TERROR. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more releases from MUCH WORSE, though, because this definitely  shows some huge promise, just not enough originality for me. (VX) (Pass Judgement)"

June 15, 2010


Interview with SOCIAL HARDCORE (new zine from Australia). Should be out within a few weeks' time, contains much Aussie content and an interview with URBAN BLIGHT. No idea how or where to purchase. Figure it out.

Alright, let’s get all the Jerry’s Kids related questions out of the way first because it has to be done. Favorite recordings? Why? Is there an 80’s record with a better drumming performance seen on ‘Is This My World?’ And this might be me over-analyzing but is the front cover of ‘Proper Execute’ a homage to the aforementioned classic?

(Ben) "Is This My World?" is probably the definitive Boston hardcore record, even more so than "This is Boston..." depending on your perspective. I guess there aren't too many drum performances from that era that mated so well with the music, it is the one of the most exhilarating pioneering USHC LP's. One of those records I don't even need to listen to anymore its so embedded in my ears. As for the artwork, we had a few ideas hashed out, but Ryan from Raw Nerve offered us the photograph design that became the cover, something that seems to blend into the sea of B/W in the 7” bins yet still seems to hold it's own. It is a very ambiguous photo and fits the mood pretty well if you ask me. No real intentional nod beyond the strength in it's simplicity.

I have scarce amounts of information regarding Much Worse so the only solid reference point I have is the 7”. You’ve produced a record consisting of high quality hardcore; it seems like an orchestrated effort. I’m interested to know if the band members have done time in other projects? If so, how did these lead to the conception of Much Worse?

(Ben) Without embellishment, Much Worse is the sum of it's parts. Our drummer and bass player played in bands that provided much exposure and continue to play in other projects. Steven especially has been playing hard-hitting punk rock since the 90's and his intuition adds a ton to my riffs. Neither Max or I had done anything notable, I had been playing fast punk and hardcore with other drummers and shit for years just dialing in the songwriting and as Max was constantly present, even before taking over vocals, was able to easily translate the energy when he put himself in the position to.

Max, can you talk a little about what your lyrics are about? I’m not getting any clear themes from reading the record insert. Are any of them a product of where you live? Minneapolis seems quite in-land, does this fuck with you? I say this because the majority of people in Australia live by the coast.
(Max) The majority of the lyrics are things Ben has written. I took it upon myself to take some of this content and present it in an energetic and convincing fashion. The content across Proper Execute hinges on no common theme, these are just experiences expressed in short concise efforts. As to our location, having not lived in any other region for a significant amount of time, we're not really sure. The winters can be long and punishing if you're not acclimated to it and can leave one feeling isolated. This does offer plenty of time for practicing and working on music though.

Do you have any aspirations (studying/careers etc) outside of recording good music or has hardcore ruined you life?

(Ben) Right now all of us are working full-time, minus Logan who, for the time being, is happily and gainfully unemployed. I'm personally trying to delay college as long as possible, amassing debt just to start working a job making the same salary I'm making now seems like a scam. I'd rather have decent work experience and as long as I get to gig and make records it seems worth it.

What do your parents think of you playing loud abrasive music on the weekend?

(Max) All of our parents are open minded enough to appreciate the band for what it is, some more than others. I think as long as I'm not making porno or addicted to heroin, they're seemingly proud.

Matt from Condominium recorded your EP. Were you generally happy with the outcome? To me, I’m getting a similar vibe to the sound of your more obvious influences (Jerry’s Kids/Poison Idea) but it has a darkness to it that a lot of modern bands seem to have. Was this intentional?

(Ben) Matt did a terrific job engineering the recording and we are nothing but pleased with the results. As for the impressions of a darkness that you mention... I would like to think that because hardcore is just a traditional form of music that is supposed to be a demented reflection of our culture, the more absurd and bleak said culture is, the more "darkness" will be inherent in the music. None of it's intentional on our part, we just fucking play.

What’s next for the band? I see you’re on the No Way Fest 2010 lineup, playing alongside Chronic Sick would have to be pretty special I assume.

(Max) I am getting work done on a Midwest/East coast U.S. tour for August. No Way fest in November will be a new experience for us and we look forward to it. Repress will happen before the August tour from Pass Judgement and No Way. We will have another 7" recorded and hopefully out around the end of the year.